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F4 Tape Brand Silicone Tape
Harbor Products manufacturers the original F4 Tape brand of self-fusing silicone tape. Silicone F4 Tape is better than ever, with new quick-fusing action that leaps forward into the future with the strongest, quickest-fusing self-fusing silicone tape on the market. Go to or click here to learn more

F4 Tape is available and in stock in its traditional "Red Oxide" color, also sometimes referred to as "burnt orange" color as well as black, and both colors are extruded in the original triangular guideline tape (TGL tape) format. F4 Tape meets and significantly exceeds the MIL specifications for Type I and Type II Silicone Tape. Military Spec: CID A-A-59163 (which supercedes MIL-I-46862 Rev. C 02-98) The triangular format (Type I) allows for a smoother wrap on wires and cables when overlapped by 50%. Harbor Products makes both Type I Triangular Guideline Tape & Type II Rectangular self-fusing silicone tape.  Our Silicone F4 Tape brand is offered in the traditional triangular format with a center guideline, whereas Silicone Rescue Tape is offered in the standard rectangular format silicone tape. For custom silicone tape orders, either format (triangular or rectangular) is available in any color, in various widths, thicknesses and lengths. For more information or to order Silicone F4 Tape now, go to . For wholesale purchases and custom silicone tape quotes, please contact us today.