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Telecom Tape
Harbor Products' self-fusing silicone tape is the leading choice solution for the broader telecom industry. After considerable testing, Harbor Products' Silicone Rescue Tape and Silicone Telecom Tape brands prevailed as the ONLY silicone tape product that met the performance and quality standards for maintaining and repairing pressurized copper lines.  Compared to labor-intensive and expensive repairs, both silicone Telecom Tape & our Rescue Tape brands of silicone tape can repair leaks in pressurized copper lines in less than 10 minutes, without a highly-trained technician, and at the same time as the initial leak detection. Our silicone tape creates a unique cost saving opportunity for telecommunication companies for maintaining telecom infrastructure. Harbor Products' silicone tape is officially recognized by AT&T and others as a suitable permanent field repair. Copper wire is left thoroughly insulated and protected from environmental hazards, moisture, and corrosion. Through a joint marketing relationship between Dunlap & Associates and Harbor Products, our self-fusing silicone tape will be marketed under the Telecom Tape brand as a permanent fix for copper line breaches. Learn more at