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Rescue Tape wins Mario Award!

April 19, 2007 – CARSON CITY, NV –
Silicone Rescue Tape wins the coveted Mario Award from TV Technology Magazine at NAB2007.

Mario Awards 2007: A 'Revolutionary' NAB
by Mario Orazio, May 30, 2007

You might have heard about the adhesive on duck tape curing warts (not all docs agree). The adhesive on gaffer tape sticks best to itself. And the adhesive on duck, gaffer, electrical, or marking tape always gums up whatever you’ve put it on when you peel it off.

The reason it’s duck tape and not duct tape is that, if you put it on an actual heating duct, it’ll shrivel up and fall off. That’s one reason I fell in love with Harbor Products’ silicone Rescue Tape; it’s good to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’ll also insulate 8,000 volts per layer and hold in leaks even at 700 psi. It doesn’t care about grease, water, most solvents or acids, road salt, or even the UV in sunlight. And it leaves no adhesive residue because it ain’t got any adhesive. It just bonds to itself in seconds and comes off only when you want it off. This could be the most revolutionary product at an NAB show in years.

Organized in 1993, the Mario Awards were established to recognize products that represent significant technical breakthroughs—many of these products and services have gone on to significantly impact the future of audio and video technology. The awards are named after Mario Orazio, a pseudonym for a nameless engineer and a renowned technology columnist for TV Technology who pens the industry's most widely read column "The Masked Engineer." The awards are given out annually at the NAB convention to companies that demonstrate forward thinking and technical excellence in their products.

Harbor Products would like to thank the wonderful people at TV Technology Magainze for this honor, and for recognizing our Rescue Tape brand of silicone tape.