The Retailer's Choice!

Harbor Products wins the Retailers’ Choice Award at the National Hardware Show!  More...

TV Technology Winner!

Harbor Products wins the coveted Mario Award from TV Technology. Click here to read more.

Custom Silicone Tape

Let Harbor Products produce it’s award winning silicone tape to your specifications. Learn More

Rescue Tape Worldwide!

Rescue Tape continues to expand worldwide. Learn more at
Mission Statement

We are the world leader in bringing the highest quality silicone tape to market through quality manufacturing, marketing, and vision. We build strong relationships with our clients, customers, and suppliers. 

We are accountable to our customers and clients before our shareholders; Our integrity and business ethics will never be compromised for the sake of profit. We are committed to effect enormous success for the individuals and companies who put their trust in us, as our success is measured by the number of individuals and companies who win through their relationship with us.