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Silicone Rubber Tape
Silicone Rubber Tape is made from silicone elastomer, a synthetic rubber-like silicone. While often referred to as "rubber tape" there contains no natural rubber. Harbor Products' silicone rubber tape is an award-winning formula that has been tested to 950PSI tensile strength, and more than 6 times the bond strength of our competitors' products, making our silicone rubber tape the strongest and fastest silicone rubber tape on the market today. Compared to standard rubber tapes, our silicone rubber tape also boasts wider temperature ranges (260C/500F degrees compared to an average of 130C/266F degrees for standard rubber tape). Our silicone rubber tape also maintains a greater elastic memory, higher dialectic strength and superior fusibility over standard self-fusing or self-bonding rubber tapes. What is the difference between silicone rubber tape and silicone tape? Essentially they refer to the same thing. In previous years there were only rubber tapes, and with the introduction of silicone elastomers companies began making "silicone rubber" which is simply a synthetic rubber, and has no genuine natural rubber in the compound. So "silicone rubber" is actually not rubber at all. Harbor Products refers to all of our tapes as simply "silicone tape" to avoid having customers think that our product is made from natural rubber. Whether you call it silicone tape or silicone rubber tape, call us today and learn how we can now help you with your tape needs.