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Silicone Tape

Harbor Products - World Leader in Silicone Tape

Silicone Tape

Harbor Products is the world leading manufacturer of high-performance self-fusing silicone tape. All of our high-quality silicone tape produced is held to the highest industry and military standards. Our proprietary silicone blend and manufacturing process ensures that every roll of silicone tape that leaves our state-of-the-art facilities is of the highest quality. Harbor Products Silicone Tape is UL Listed, and meets and significantly exceeds the guidelines mandated in Military Spec: CID A-A-59163 (which supercedes MIL-I-46862 Rev. C 02-98)

What is Silicone Tape?

Silicone Tape is a self-fusing tape (meaning the silicone tape will only stick to itself, not other surfaces) made from silicone elastomer that when stretched and wrapped onto itself forms a permanent bond between the tape layers. Harbor Products' silicone tape fuses to itself in just seconds, making it the fastest-fusing silicone tape on the market today.

Harbor Products' silicone tape only fuses to itself, so it won't leave behind any sticky residue.
Our silicone tape contains no unnecesary fillers as only the purest, highest-quality silicone is used.

Silicone Rescue Tape is Harbor Products' premier consumer brand of self-fusing silicone tape. With 950 PSI Tensile Strength, 500F Resistance and 8,000 Volt Electrical Insulation, Rescue Tape is the strongest, fastest-fusing silicone tape in the market today. No other silicone tape compares! Complete technical characteristics can be found at Silicone Tape Technical Data

What types of Silicone Tape do we offer?

Our tapes are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths, lengths and colors for your specifications. Harbor Products maintains inventory of our most popular styles and formats of silicone tape for immediate purchase, and also offers custom silicone tape. Silicone tape is sold in two different formats, rectangular and triangular cross-section. Rectangular silicone tape is the same thickness throughout the width of the tape, as one might expect. Triangular guideline tape is beveled so that the edges are half as thick as the middle, ideal for continuous oem wire wrapping applications.

What brands of Silicone Tape do we offer?

Our silicone tape is sold under various brands including our premium retail brand Silicone Rescue Tape, our new mid-grade product Silicone Quick Fix Tape, our silicone repair tape for the telecom industry called Silicone Telecom Tape, our tradition aviation specific triangular guideline tape sold as Silicone F4 Tape, and even our budget line product Silicone Fixit Tape.

Questions regarding our silicone tape? Contact us! Harbor Products can meet your silicone tape needs (including silicone tape in custom sizes, silicone tape in custom colors or silicone tape in bulk).